We promote happiness and wellbeing.


In Singapore, often, progress and financial achievements take precedence over happiness and wellbeing. When we neglect our happiness and wellbeing for too long, it comes at a price. Once we get into the downward spiral, it is not easy to get out.

Progress and financial achievements don’t have to come at a price of our happiness and wellbeing. They can coexist.

Happiness Initiative is about helping people discover the choices they can make to improve their well-being and happiness. We do it through our Travel, Games, Introspection and Films experiences.

Our programmes are all rooted in science, and we believe strongly in running experiences that are both engaging and fun.

“For it is my belief that no medication or technique of therapy holds as much promise for serving as a buffer against mental illness as does human strength.”

Martin Seligman, University of Pennsylvania


We focus on the science.
We keep it simple and fun.












Simon is very fascinated by the science of wellbeing, and is very passionate about helping people discover the choices they can make to be happier.

He holds a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Simon lives in Singapore and travels frequently for consultancy work and for inspiration.

Many years back, Simon was making headway in his climb up the corporate ladder. The higher he climbed, the more deeply unhappy he became.

In his life of pursuits, he lost touched with the pursuit of life.

He thought the higher he climbed, the happier he would become. Hence, he had no choice but to keep climbing. When he reached the destination, happiness was short-lived. So he thought he had to climb again.

He wasn’t living in the moment. He was living for some future happiness that didn’t seem to last.

He didn’t understand what happiness and wellbeing was? He thought he could find it in the destination.

He wasn’t doing what he truly valued. And he didn’t have a purpose that he could resonate with. Life slowly lost its meaning.

To make matters worst, he was totally identified with his ego and all the pain that was accumulated as a result of it.

Finally, one day, everything that mattered stopped mattering. It was the beginning of his journey to discover that happiness can be a choice.

It sowed the seeds for Happiness Initiative.



Sherman started out as a commodities trader managing the Africa region. He spent a lot of time travelling in the continent, including a three month stint in Ghana.

The experience shaped his perspective of life a great deal, and eventually led him to co-found Happiness Initiative with Simon.

Sherman is also very passionate about film and organises 3-4 film festivals in Singapore every year.

Sherman is still in the midst of writing out his life’s story and will update it here soon!